Sergio Jackson



Certified Strength and Conditioning SPECIALIST

certified FITNESS Nutrition EXPERT

My name is Sergio Jackson, I have spent the last decade gaining education and understanding from some of the top nutritional, Strength building, and rehabilitation experts in the area all the while training upwards of 150+ individuals, and logging nearly 10,000+ training hours. My gift is to connect with my clients "fitness" and help them manage it in a way that is conducive to their lifestyle. I have worked with children as young as nine years old to adults well into their eighties. I have seen some remarkable accomplishments from my clients through my years, but most notably is my client's ability to continue without me. My goal is to provide my clients with the knowledge and accountability tools needed to be successful far after their time with me. Most recently I have structured my practice toward young athletes as I am intrigued with the physical and mental aspect of their growth, and ability to translate stressors into sports, and lose themselves inside of a sense of team and accomplishment. I bring the best out of my young athletes through very practical measures, and more than anything I help them understand that it is ok to allow yourself to become consumed with your chosen outlet and fight towards a purpose as hard as you can for as long as you can. There will be far more challenges that await our youth throughout their years, and I believe the lessons learned in team sports training, and competition help our youth navigate their paths and deal with life's challenges more efficiently. Today, I compete regularly in powerlifting, and most recently I was ranked top 3 In the mid-atlantic region 66kg weight class. I push through some of the hardest training imaginable 4-6 days per week mostly because it's the same commitment I ask from those who work with me. If you would like to setup a time for a complimentary training assessment with me or just get some questions answered please fill out my form below. 

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